A Year in Review

On Friday evening, I packed up the last of the rentals and centrepieces for the 2016 event season. It’s hard to believe that it is now over – it was my first year doing wedding and event planning full-time and it has been one for the books! 

 The season began on January 3 with a gorgeous, winter wedding at the Old Timer’s Cabin and ended on December 2 at the Art Gallery of Alberta opening two stunning exhibitions. With over 30 events and weddings over the course of the season, it’s now time to slow down and reflect on an incredible year of hustle, creativity and celebration. 

 2016 has been a year of stepping out of my comfort zone, trusting my skills and knowledge, and learning my own worth as a planner.   

 This season included a number of precious moments that I will hold with me forever. That being said, there were also times where I had to pull a rabbit out of my hat or where I had to convince myself that this is real life

2016 brought with it a number of milestones – some of which I had as goals, others I didn’t even know I was looking forward to. 

  1. I planned the largest event in scale to date. 
  2. I created new partnerships with some of Edmonton’s most incredible wedding and event vendors. 
  3. I did a brunch wedding (PS! I am totally in love with them).
  4. I learnt some hard lessons about full-time event planning. 
  5. I began teaching and speaking about my profession.
  6. I started blogging. 
  7. I took a serious look at how I practice self-care. 

Turning the page on 2016, it’s now time to adjust my focus to the coming events of 2017 and the goals I have for what looks to be an even more exceptional and busy year ahead. 

I’m grateful for the clients who have put their trust in me, who have taken care to refer me and who have and continue to share laughs and tears with me. It’s truly a wonderful way to spend a life! Looking forward to more of the same in the time to come! 

Image Credits:

1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 - Mat Simpson Photography Co

3 & 7 - Blake Loates Photography