Your Best Wedding Day Look

The phrase “I need to lose a couple of pounds before the wedding” always catches me off guard. It’s hard to hear a bride order a dress too small ‘as motivation’ or scrutinize her body just months before walking down the aisle.

The perpetuated idea that people need to ‘get in shape’ for their wedding needs to disappear and never come back.

A friend of mine recently posted on Instagram about her frustrations with the focus that the exercise industry puts on the perfect body as a result of exercising and not the long-term health that it provides. Before she did, we stood on a street corner talking about exactly this. Not everyone is working out for that perfect butt, to be able to run a ten minute mile or even to bend in half – some people want to feel good now, and feel good in fifty years. Since that day on the street corner, I have been thinking about how this related to couples I work with and the sentiment of losing weight for your wedding. Which brings an even bigger (& more difficult to tackle) question to the surface: when did the wedding stop being about you as a couple and the commitment you’re making, and move to the “presentational perfection” of it all.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a wedding with a big budget. I love coordinated décor and going all the way with small details, but all of that doesn’t matter if it stands in the way of authenticity and celebrating the couple for who they truly are. 

Is losing weight really part of celebrating the two of you? Is it about making your commitment any deeper? Or maybe it is about starting the next phase of your life healthy. Now that I can get on board with! But please, be sure that you are in fact making steps towards a healthier life and not just the perfect butt, flatter stomach and thinner waist that grace the cover of every bridal magazine you flip through.

Because insider tip - my favourite bridal looks are always when the bride looks like herself: confident and in love. 


Image Credit: 

Mat Simpson Photography Co.