Camp fYrefly Partnership

MB&COMPANY has joined with Camp fYrefly to build our first community investment initiative.


I’m thrilled to announce the creation of our new partnership with Camp fYrefly. MB&COMPANY values inclusivity in the wedding industry and creating a space where everyone in love can celebrate their marriage. Partnering with Camp fYrefly for our new community investment program felt like the perfect fit.

Beginning immediately, any couples that book with MB&COMPANY for Full Wedding Planning or Wedding Day Management will have ten percent of their fee donated to Camp fYrefly.

Planning a wedding is about celebration and love. We have found the perfect way to extend that love to our greater community by partnering with a program that celebrates and supports LGBTQ2S+ youth. Camp fYrefly’s mission and program aligns seamlessly with MB&COMPANY’s desire to create an inclusive wedding industry in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond.

“Camp fYrefly is delighted to have entered into this partnership with MB&COMPANY. While we nurture future LGBTQ2S+ leaders, Maggie and her company live the change we want to see today.  We see this in her company's values, and in the way she leads by example in our community.  As an ally, Maggie enacted her FABULOUS network to come up with just endless dresses and bling for our campers at this year's camp – we even started calling her a ‘Drag Queen's Fairy Godmother’" – Jennifer Alabiso, iSMSS and Camp fYrefly

Moving forward with this partnership, I am hopeful for the future values of our wedding industry. I am delighted that this initiative will not only help to instigate inclusivity, but will also help foster and build confidence in our next generation.



Image Credits:

First Image - Buffy Goodman Photography

Bottom Images - Provided by Camp fYrefly