Edmonton Wedding Planner: Wedding Day Management

Are you newly engaged, scrolling through a vast array of wedding planner websites and not entirely sure where to begin?


Engagement season is upon us! So over the next couple of months,  I will attempt in my posts to break down a variety of different services offered by MB&COMPANY, giving detailed information of what each experience is like. Hopefully, this intel will make the transition into your fabulous, fiancé-clad life more seamless!

In this post, I will be highlighting my Wedding Day Management package! (Also referred to by other planners as “day-of” or “month-of.”)

Wedding Day Management is a great decision for couples that have opted to plan their own wedding. These couples put in a lot of time and effort into planning their own weddings, but why should they spend one of the most important days of their lives tied up on the phone with caterers and various other vendors? That is where Wedding Day Management comes in.  

Wedding Day Management with MB&COMPANY starts with:

Setting you and your fiancé up with an account in my planning software. You will receive remote access to it throughout the entire planning process to help guide you along the way. This software includes:

  • A checklist of tasks and the timeline they need to be completed in
  • Budget tracking
  • Vendor contact manager
  • Calendar with appointments and invoice deadlines
  • Guest list manager
  • Seating manager
  • Basic timeline notes
  • Invoice reminders
  • Décor and inspiration boards that are easily shareable and downloaded
  • Ability to create a basic wedding website

This access allows me to keep tabs on what you are up to during the planning process so that I am up to speed if you choose to email me with any specific questions during your planning process.


A month before the wedding:

I will sit down for a long meeting to familiarize myself with all of your plans. You and your fiancé will hand me off all of your contracts and I will review your details inside the software to make sure everything is organized and on its way.

Then, I make personal trips out to connect with each and every vendor involved in your day. In this time, I will be open to back and forth communication with you and your fiancé to line up the specifics. This ensures that everyone involved will be on the same page for your wedding.

Once the stars align with all parties involved, the real fun begins. We start creating the master production schedule for your day!

The week of:

It’s close to go time! Depending on the arrangement you’ve made with the person who is marrying you,  I may run the ceremony rehearsal or support the work of that person. Either way, I will have my emergency kit ready, send out your final documents, and will have all other necessary information I need on my clipboard. Now, we are ready for the big day!


The day of:

This is where all the work comes together! While you enjoy getting pampered and sipping your bubbly, I will be taking your vendor calls, answering concerns and picking up any of the last minute changes. This includes ensuring that the rooms are ready and set in accordance with your months (maybe even years) of planning so that we may welcome all your guests while you are freed up to enjoy every moment. Throughout the day, I will stay connected with you and your fiancé to ensure you are feeling blissed out and living your wedding dream.

With years of experience, having planned and executed over a hundred events, I am able to put out fires and make judgement calls that you may not have foreseen or have been able to make yourself. It’s important to have someone capable on your side on the most important of days so that you can relax and be open to all the good stuff.


If you are in need of support for your wedding day, get in touch for a free initial meeting where we can talk all about your plans!


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