One Piece of Wedding Advice


I am often asked, if I could give couples one piece of advice, what would it be?

This is a difficult question to narrow down an answer for. The logistical planner in me wants to address the schedule on the day of the wedding. The caring planner in me wants to talk about how to craft the most genuine day. That being said, there lies an answer in the centre of that venn diagram that I believe is pivotal to any couple whose wedding I oversee.

There is one little moment on your wedding day that is very special and important. That moment right after you make it to the end of the aisle after the ceremony. This, of course, takes place before all the family photos and the reception and all that beautiful madness. This is the moment where you get to take a breath and look at each other and say, “We did it! We’re married!”

 It’s important to take the time you need to really enjoy this little moment, because it’s actually one of the biggest moments of your life, which you are now choosing to spend together. Find a small quiet room, go outside, find a place for just the two of you. Take that moment to breath it in together and really enjoy it.

The best part of the wedding is enjoying the fact that you’re now married to the one you love!