Wedding Correspondence Timeline

The timing of wedding stationery is a common dilemma that pops up when considering your big day. Every planner will suggest something slightly different. I am an advocate for getting organized well ahead of time. My own day planner can fill up months in advance, so I am cognizant of that when considering the schedules of those attending your wedding. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make!

Save the Date

I love Save the Dates! They are a great way of securing the date with your closest friends and family without having to spill all the beans.

My recommendation is to send these as soon as you have solidified the date and location. This will give guests (namely those busy bees in your life) plenty of advance notice to book it off in their calendar. It also gives your friends and relatives abroad the chance to monitor flights and catch those sporadic seat sales!



I recommend sending invitations out five to six months in advance. For two reasons:

  1. This gives you an opportunity to invite additional guests if other's are unable to attend.

  2. This also ensures you can give an RSVP deadline that is long before your catering deadline to avoid having to chase guests in the final moments.

Thank You Cards

The sooner, the better! Sending thank you cards closer to the wedding not only means more to your guests, but the gratitude will likely be more authentic when the memory is fresh. That being said, don’t let the stress of completing these take away from enjoying your honeymoon or your first days together as a married couple. I’d say, at the very latest, you should aim to send them out within three months of your wedding.

As a planner and a guest of many weddings, these are my recommendations, I hope that they help! Please don’t hesitate to say hello if you have any further questions about stationery.



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