Alternative Wedding Wear


This morning, I was on CBC’s Edmonton AM talking about ‘the wedding jumpsuit’ with Mark Connoly and Tyrell Abbott. This all came about after Solange Knowles wore a jumpsuit as one of her many wedding day looks (She looked AMAZING! All day! Google it, seriously). As I mentioned in the show, I had previously had the pleasure to play a small part in a styled shoot by Buffy Goodman Photography where we explored alternative wedding wear and diversity in wedding media.

This topic of alternative wear has been on my mind for many years and continues to be as trends change and Queen Victoria’s trend setting look moves into the distance. We are seeing brides choosing outfits that make them feel comfortable, beautiful and could have potential post-wedding wear.  Any of my past clients can tell you that I am a huge advocate for participating in traditions that you are excited about and that feel like an authentic representation of you as a couple. This includes what you choose to wear on your special day!


Looking to move away from the overly traditional bridal look? Whether you are looking to make a subtle or big leap from the traditional wedding day garb, here are some suggestions of where to look.

Local Fashion Designers

SWISH Vintage

Blogger Armoire Consignment

Delica Bridal



Buying a previously worn dress can be a great and affordable option, but make sure to check the dress for any stains, holes, pulls or marks before you finalize the purchase. Also be very wary if the dress doesn’t fit perfectly as alterations can add unforeseen costs to the total price.

What’s most important on your wedding day is that you feel fabulous in whatever you choose to wear, no matter what it ends up being or where you find it!

In this interview I also mentioned couples not getting married legally. If that interests you, check out a previous post about your options when it comes to having someone you love marry you. 


'But I Don’t Want to Have a Stranger Marry Us…'



Styled Shoot Credits:

Photography & Master Mind – Buffy Goodman Photography

Styling – Moirae Choquette, Lina Janzen and Maggie Barton Baird (MB&COMPANY)

Florals – Fabloomosity

Hair Stylist – Dollhouse Hair, Christina Yun  

Make-Up Artist – Astrid Woodard

Attire – Simons, Lucid Lifestyle, Rowena Clothing, Noul, Rescue Flats

This post is not an advertisement, none of the vendors included in this post paid for any form of advertising. This is solely based off my experience and recommendation.