We're Blogging!

Clients, couples, friends and followers are constantly asking me for advice when it comes to wedding and event planning. After years of answering the same questions individually I have decided it’s time to start a blog where I can house all the must know information in one place.

But, before we start with the goods – I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Maggie, the owner and lead planner for MB&COMPANY. I love Edmonton, ampersands, rock climbing, art, my apartment in The Westminster and wine. Every few months I try to teach myself how to play the ukulele and always give up after mastering ‘Three Blind Mice’. When it comes to getting my photograph taken, I am a-okay until I have to make eye contact - then my inner awkward fourteen year old appears and ruins everything. I spend the majority of my days planning weddings and events; I plan roughly 30 events and 12 weddings a year.

Five things you should know about me, before we work together on your wedding:

1.     I love having work meetings at Edmonton’s finest small businesses. My current favourite is the newly renovated District Coffee Co. You can also find me meeting with clients at Little Brick, Transcend Coffee, Mercer Tavern, and Culina Millcreek. I love to discover new businesses and new neighbourhoods in Edmonton – let me come to you for our initial meeting!

2.     I like to develop a strong relationship with couples and their squad. The majority of my past clients have become dear and close friends in my life. A job well done for me is both a successful wedding and positive long lasting relationships with clients and their close loved ones.

3.     I know the history of many wedding traditions but will never force them upon you. Every part of your wedding day is up for discussion. It is YOUR day; make it deeply and genuinely authentic.

4.     I don’t particularly love DIY. I have seen so many couples struggle through the stress, cost and frustration of doing a DIY wedding. You should only do DIY projects that you are sincerely excited about; otherwise they generally end up being a lot more work than expected.

5.     I expect a lot from myself and from the vendors I work with. I have been able to make a living from wedding and event planning because I am really hard working and I expect a lot from myself. Not only do I expect a lot from myself, I expect a lot from the other vendors I work with. This is why I always offer to make vendor suggestions for my full range of clients – in the end it makes the day itself much more manageable.

I’ll be posting every couple of weeks with my thoughts about the planning process as well as my life while neck deep planning. Got anything you want to talk about? Get in touch at maggie@mbandcompany.ca!

Happy Planning!

Photographs by Mat Simpson Photography Co.