Engaged in September, Married in March

I often think that when I get married, I am going to plan the whole thing in 6 months! That may seem to be a short amount of time, but I can tell you that it is entirely possible and a more worthwhile route to take.

The wedding industry often focuses on a 12 to 18 month planning process for couples – that can be a long time to have a wedding weighing on you. I have had the privilege of working on a number of weddings planned in under a year. In fact, most of the non-wedding events I plan come to fruition in 6 months or less.

With a shorter planning period, the decisions are final, payments are due right away, and there is less time for outside input that leaves you second-guessing your instincts. On top of that that, the RSVP turnaround happens quickly, and best of all, you are married sooner!

I have found that weddings planned in a shorter amount of time generally end up being deeply authentic because the couples are more singularly focused on the purpose of the whole day: making a commitment and celebrating their love.

I’ll be honest – planning a wedding in six months can have its setbacks, but there’s something to be said about throwing caution to the wind and just going for it! If you want to do it, you’ll have to get creative, be flexible and make the first month of planning really count. That being said, it will prove an exciting, fun and emotional rollercoaster – and it will totally be worth it.


Contact a number of venues right off the bat – don’t just stick to your first choice. This will determine your wedding date, which will inform your other vendor options.

It may be worth considering having your wedding on a day that isn’t a Saturday – it will open up your options for venues (& vendors). I’m developing a new obsession with Sunday weddings – I would definitely advise considering it!

Your Squad

There is a chance you won’t be able to get your dream florist, photographer, or planner/coordinator. Any vendor that can only book one (or limited) wedding per day may already be booked. Do some research and approach a number of vendors from the beginning. Don’t beat around the bush, start with your wedding date – put it in the email subject line.

Paper & Pen

Once you’ve snatched up a venue, send out a personalized and fun save the date. Let your guests know what you are up to. Hard copy invitations can follow soon after! There are a number of online invitation design services that can pull together the perfect invitation for you with a very quick turn around.


People may try to convince you that six months is not enough time to pull together outfits for your wedding. I say ignore them! Between independent boutiques, local fashion designers and online shopping, you’ll find something unique and perfect to wear!


Unless you and your partner are people of leisure with an empty calendar at your disposal, you likely won’t have the time to do all the planning and crafting for the special day yourself. Pick one or two small projects you are excited about, and rent/purchase/hire the rest.

Every couple that I have worked with who have had a limited timeline for planning have been so grateful for it in the end. It allows them to keep a really clear vision of what the whole day is truly about and best of all; they don’t have to wait long for their dream day!

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