Edmonton Wedding Planner: Local Art Wedding Gifts

A few weeks ago I wrote about local Edmonton Made wedding gifts and got lots of wonderful feedback about purchasing local gifts for weddings. This week, I am taking a look at your options for purchasing fine art wedding gifts from SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers), here in Edmonton. 

Title: Baneberries | Artist: Richard Borowski | Size:Paper: 15x20" | Medium: Woodcut | Price: $250 CAD

Title: Baneberries | Artist: Richard Borowski | Size:Paper: 15x20" | Medium: Woodcut | Price: $250 CAD

If you haven’t heard of SNAP before, I definitely encourage you to check them out. They are a fun and unique visual art organization that has a wonderful gallery and have an array of fun and interesting classes. Want to learn letter pressing or screen-printing? They’ve got you covered!

But more importantly, they sell a huge array of fine art prints! Their collection features the work of local, national and international print artists. Their prints range in price from $50 to $500 – which is the perfect price range for wedding gifts. You can feel good about giving this gift because you are not only supporting the work of an artist; you are supporting the work of a local, Edmonton non-profit.

Title: Provisional Shelter | Artist: Aimee Brown | Size: Paper: 8x10" | Medium: Screen print (Glow-in-the-dark) | Price: $50 CAD

Title: Provisional Shelter | Artist: Aimee Brown | Size: Paper: 8x10" | Medium: Screen print (Glow-in-the-dark) | Price: $50 CAD

Title: March of the Malacosoma (Blue Jay) | Artist: Cate Francis | Size: Paper: 8x10" | Medium: Screen print | Price: $50 CAD

Title: March of the Malacosoma (Blue Jay) | Artist: Cate Francis | Size: Paper: 8x10" | Medium: Screen print | Price: $50 CAD

You’d like to give more than one print to the happy couple? SNAP also offers a SNAPline membership for $150, which includes four original fine art prints and a full colour printmaking publication right to their door.

These have to got to be some of my favourite gifts to give! A friend of mine recently moved away and a few of us got her this Jill Staton piece below. It was the perfect gift for a friend leaving Alberta! 

Title: Alberta Lines | Artist: Jill Stanton | Size: Paper: 8x10" | Medium: Relief print | Price: $50 CAD

Title: Alberta Lines | Artist: Jill Stanton | Size: Paper: 8x10" | Medium: Relief print | Price: $50 CAD

Title: Flower Fox Clot | Artist: Megan Stein | Size:Paper: 15x20" | Medium: Relief print | Price: $250 CAD

Title: Flower Fox Clot | Artist: Megan Stein | Size:Paper: 15x20" | Medium: Relief print | Price: $250 CAD


Have any wedding or event questions or topics you'd like covered? Get in touch! 

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Edmonton Wedding Planner: Wearing White at Weddings

Is it appropriate for guests to dress in all white to a wedding? Nope. 


Here is the thing; I don’t think it is appropriate to dress in all white as a guest of a wedding - whether or not the couple is wearing white. With the exception of “all white” wedding dress codes but those seem to have mostly passed now.

My background is in theatre, so I will explain this in relationship to theatre. If you are watching a play with a number of characters and one of them is wearing all white, you will be drawn to look at them. This is a technique that costume designers often use to instruct the audience of where to look. Similarly, if you paint a room in your home all white, it will reflect the light and make the room brighter than any other. The reason for both of these examples is that the colour white reflects light, so it quite literally is the brightest colour in the room.

If you wear all white at a wedding, you are unintentionally taking focus away from the couple and putting it on yourself. Of course, there are some couples who do not care about this and would be happy for you to wear white, but that is likely something you won’t know and it is not appropriate to ask.

Now whenever I discuss this, folks ask me if this is why brides often wear white. The answer is no. Wearing a white wedding dress in the modern age is simply a trend that never went away. Queen Victoria wore a white dress for her wedding in 1840 and other’s loved the look and grasped onto it.

If you find yourself conflicted with the political and social implications of wearing white, know that no matter your decision, wearing white is simply an act of following a fashion trend.

Interested in the history of other wedding trends? Let me know, I would be happy to explore more in the journal.

Edmonton Event Planner: RAAS Holiday Sip + Shop


This past December I had the pleasure of planning RAAS’ Holiday Sip + Shop event. This new retail space in West Edmonton Mall features local small businesses that have perfectly unique products. I bought the majority of my holiday gifts there during the planning and my loved ones were over the moon for them. The stockings in my home were filled with love from Pura Botanicals, Lip Service: Lip Lab, The Maker's Keep, Adesso, Cloud Nine Pajamas

The Holiday Sip + Shop was a wonderfully festive night where guests sipped on prosecco while shopping for their nearest and dearest. It was such a pleasure to see so many of Edmonton's finest in one space supporting local while they purchase gifts for their loved ones. 

If you had not yet had the pleasure of visiting the space, I encourage you to!


Want to stay up to date with RAAS and their upcoming events? Follow them on Instagram!


Image Credits:

Marielle Elizabeth

My Favourite Wedding Trends for 2018


2018 has just begun and with the fresh energy that a new year brings, it also allows us to reinvent the wheel and expose ourselves to new ideas and trends! While trends are constantly evolving and becoming refined, I have pinpointed some of my favourite movements that I predict will be wedding hits in 2018!  

My 5 Favourite Trends for 2018:

1. Cocktail Receptions

Over the past four years we have been seeing couples ditch the formal dinner and stick with a cocktail hour, all night long. This is my FAVOURITE way to do a wedding reception. This allows guests to celebrate, mix and mingle all night.

2. Alternative Bouquets for the Bridal Party

Couples have been starting to give their bridal party something more interesting and eye catching to hold instead of traditional bouquets. Often, these arrangements will be repurposed as décor for the reception. It gives the wedding a really unique aesthetic, and the bridal party is gifted with something really beautiful to take home and cherish!

3. Copper & Marble

Together, these two make a beautiful combination. They have made their stylish debut in recent years, and they are here to stay for 2018.

4. Potted Plants as Décor

I am so thrilled to already have two weddings with this planned for 2018! Hunting for pots for your plants is tons of fun, because there are so many rare and precious finds out there. Best of all, it leads to very little waste- you can either take the potted plants home with you or gift them to your nearest and dearest.

5. Mixed Dessert Tables

Doughnuts, cupcakes, pies and macaroons have all had their moment in past wedding seasons.  How do you single out just one of the above when they are all so tasty? It’s simple: CHOOSE THEM ALL! Gone is the way of the past where only one type of dessert is highlighted. Now, we are seeing mixed dessert tables with lots of options for guests to enjoy!  


With regards to the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018, much of the wedding and event industry have had mixed reactions. Personally, I don’t anticipate that this particular choice will have as much influence. I think the 2017 conception and colour of Greenery will continue to hold strong.

I anticipate that there may be added trends for this year following the much-anticipated royal wedding in May. I predict that it will be the most modern Royal wedding to date, and their choices could have a wide ranging influence on trends moving forward.

The start of the year is always an exciting time to look forward, refine and reimagine what you want your wedding to look like! If you need any guidance in pulling together some ideas for your day, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Image Credit:

Jessica Fern Facette

Edmonton Wedding Planner: Full Wedding Planning

Rebecca and Kyle -198 (1).jpg

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” It has to be one of the truest quotes about event and wedding planning. I often hear similar sentiments from couples who are part-way into their planning process. They are overwhelmed, unsure and lost because they simply didn’t know what questions to ask or what the answers were for the queries they had.

That’s where MB&COMPANY and Full Wedding Planning come in. This package is tailored to equip couples with a professional to help guide them throughout the entire planning process, bringing up the important questions to keep in mind and most importantly, providing answers. It is preferable for those who don’t have the time (or desire) to meet with each individual vendor several times leading up to the wedding.

Rebecca and Kyle -38.jpg

My full wedding services will ensure that you won’t have to put aside time to deal with all the nitty gritty details of your day such as deciding which shade of white works best or concerning yourself with which dietary restrictions belong to which guests.

With over 100 events and weddings under my belt, I do know what it takes to get a wedding on its feet. Not only that, I am focused on bringing together a day that genuinely celebrates your partnership and recognizes who you both are as individuals. With years of experience, I am able to calmly manage the entire process from the original planning stages to the design to the final implementation of your wedding. Together, we will utilize MB&COMPANY’s tried and true planning budget and timeline as our guide, spending upwards of 18 months finessing your day.

Rebecca and Kyle -716.jpg

Depending on the schedules of you and your partner, we will meet about once a month to go over details, review proposals and make a plan of attack for the next month. Most meetings will end with a long to do list for me, and a few decisions for you to mull over and get back to me about.

Between meetings, I am available via email and phone to answer any of your questions. I am also more than happy to book additional coffee dates as needed to calm your nerves or talk through any miscellaneous stresses that arise.

Rebecca and Kyle -93 (1).jpg

Throughout the entire planning process, all the details of your day will be tracked on my planning software. You and your soon-to-be will have remote access to this software and can login from any computer to see what I have been up to. The software includes:

  • A checklist of tasks, the timeline they need to be completed in, and who is responsible for the task

  • Budget tracking

  • Vendor contact manager

  • Calendar with appointments and invoice deadlines

  • Guest list manager

  • Seating manager

  • Basic timeline notes

  • Invoice reminders

  • Décor and inspiration boards that are easily shareable and downloaded

  • Ability to create a basic wedding website

Rebecca and Kyle -609.jpg

This assures that when your wedding finally comes, you will be able to sit back and enjoy every last moment, trusting that I have understood your vision for the day. After all, it's one of the biggest events in your life, why shouldn't you be freed up to enjoy it wholeheartedly?

Rebecca and Kyle -108.jpg
Rebecca and Kyle -118.jpg

If you are in need of support for your wedding day, get in touch for a free initial meeting where we can talk all about your plans!


Edmonton Wedding Planner: Selecting your Wedding Photographer


When considering how you want to look back on your wedding, the photographer will undoubtedly play a big part in upholding those memories. Photos are the main capsule you’ll have to access the nostalgia of your special day.

The most important part about booking a photographer is ensuring that their style matches yours: both in photography and in their personal energy. This is the individual (or team) that will be with you for the entire day, capturing both your spirit and moments throughout the day.

When you are preparing to work with a photographer, I suggest asking them a few direct questions to ensure that you are choosing the photographer who is the best fit for you.

Rebecca and Kyle -31.jpg

Questions for your Photographer

  1. “Are the photos on your website/social media shot and edited by you?” I know that this seems obvious, but there are photographers out there who use stock images for their promotions. This first step ensures that the work you admire is being produced by the person you are speaking to directly, not some unknown who uploaded their photos to getty images.

  2. “What type of photography do you specialize in?” Before asking this question, you should decide what aesthetic is most important to you! More often than not, couples tend to say candid but for some people it may be posed or detail shots. Be honest with yourself. This goes back to choosing a photographer who’s style matches your own.

  3. “Do you backup your images on the day of the wedding?” If you have been on social media in the past month, you might know that there is a disappointed bride out there who is searching furiously for a lost memory card from her wedding day. It’s important to know that you are hiring someone who is serious about storing and keeping your memories.

  4. “When do you plan to deliver the photos back to me?” Photographers generally try to edit and turn around photos within 90 days. This time frame can range from photographer to photographer, so it’s important to address beforehand.

  5. “How many hours of on hand photography do your packages include?” This ranges widely among photographers. It is important to know how many hours you will have your photographer on hand and how much it will cost to add hours depending on your needs. More often than not, this is included in their pricing package, but if it is not, do address it upfront.

  6. “Do your packages include a second shooter?” This also ranges widely among photographers. If the answer is no, be sure to ask the cost of a second shooter. A second shooter can be a great addition to capture more elements of the entire day. Once again, more often than not, this is included in their pricing package, but if it is not, do address it upfront.

  7. “Will you put your individual logo on photos that I want to share on social media?” With the popularity of instagram and various social media outlets, images are often stolen or miscredited. Thus, many photographers have resorted to putting their logo on photos that you share on social media. These photographers will, however, provide you with logo free images for printing. You make the decision if this matters to you with regards to sharing your photos!

  8. “What do you wear to the weddings you shoot?” Similar to what I previously addressed in a catering post, having a photographer dressed in jeans and a tshirt while your guests are adorned in formal wear might not match. It’s entirely up to you to decide, but it’s good to know in advance that you’re stylistically on the same page (even if it’s regarding dress code on the day of).


Now let’s talk about shot lists.

Personally, I think family photos are the only thing to include on the shot list. The rest of the photographer’s energy should be given creatively to taking candid photos and creating shots as they see fit. This is why you put so much work to finding someone whose style matches yours in advance.

If you have a host of images that you saw and LOVED on social media, you are best to share them with your photographer in advance so that they understand the energy of what you are going for. This gives them an idea of the kind of photos you are hoping for in synergy with their style on your day.

Making a detailed list that the photographer has to accomplish in their hours at your wedding forces them to keep an eye on that list and create posed shots rather than focusing on capturing authentic, special moments.

If you’ve chosen a photographer that you trust and appreciate in advance, you’ll be more free to genuinely enjoy your day and they will undoubtedly capture that cheer because of their years of experience and expertise.


Want to know more?

Concerned about booking a photographer or other vendors on your wedding team? Please reach out! It’s because of my community and clients’ questions that I create these journal entries! For any outstanding queries, contact me at  maggie@mbandcompany.ca. I am always free to set up a consultation where I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding your special day!

Image Credits:

First Images - Mat Simpson Photography Co. 

Second Image - Blake Loates Photography

Third Image - Buffy Goodman Photography

Fourth Image - Moments in Digital Photography

Edmonton Wedding Planner: Local Love at the Enjoy


It’s hard to believe that Local Love Pop Up has already come and gone! I’ve been filling out forms, talking about styled shoots and dreaming up the booth since the early days of May. Like with any wedding, it was a joyful whirlwind from the planning stages to the wrap up.  

Local Love’s event at the Enjoy Centre was such a wonderful day! I was able to connect with many of Edmonton’s soon to be newlyweds and their loved ones. After many years in the wedding industry, I still find the excitement of these couples contagious. Hearing about everyone’s upcoming plans was a true highlight of the day.

In addition, it was great to share the room with some of Edmonton’s finest wedding vendors. Though we all work together regularly, it’s not often enough that we get to enjoy each other’s company in a less frenetic environment.


It was a real treat to connect with the hearts behind Edmonton’s most successful and established vendors alongside some increasingly impressive up and comers. LOVE PIZZA, NEAT Photobooth, Arrow Films, Andronyk Jewelry, Delica Bridal, Jessica Fern Facette, and Jenny McAllister are all vendors that I greatly admire, and these are only the icing on top of this particular Local Love Pop Up’s wedding cake!


I can’t wait to see the incredible celebrations that result from this local and love-filled day!

All things said, I was most thrilled to have Andrea Yacyshyn of Fortune Writer, to join in on the fun at my booth and write her honest and thoughtful fortunes for our guests. Her beautiful words were a huge hit with so many at the event. It has been a real pleasure to be able to view all of the fortunes that were posted online in the days following. I had an inkling that people would love her and appreciate what she does just as much as I do!

Fortune Writer is a great option for entertainment during cocktail hour or for your reception. In addition, her fortunes can also serve as party favors! This allows guests to walk away from your wedding with unique and personalized messages, while you kick back, relax and enjoy your day.


I would like to extend a big thank you to Amy from Local Love Pop Up and Najla from Blush Magazine for all their hard work on this wonderful show. It is an amazing way to connect with fantastic vendors and to make sure your wedding is planned locally, but mostly importantly, with you in mind!

Image Credits:

Marielle TerHart


Camp fYrefly Partnership

MB&COMPANY has joined with Camp fYrefly to build our first community investment initiative.


I’m thrilled to announce the creation of our new partnership with Camp fYrefly. MB&COMPANY values inclusivity in the wedding industry and creating a space where everyone in love can celebrate their marriage. Partnering with Camp fYrefly for our new community investment program felt like the perfect fit.

Beginning immediately, any couples that book with MB&COMPANY for Full Wedding Planning or Wedding Day Management will have ten percent of their fee donated to Camp fYrefly.

Planning a wedding is about celebration and love. We have found the perfect way to extend that love to our greater community by partnering with a program that celebrates and supports LGBTQ2S+ youth. Camp fYrefly’s mission and program aligns seamlessly with MB&COMPANY’s desire to create an inclusive wedding industry in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond.

“Camp fYrefly is delighted to have entered into this partnership with MB&COMPANY. While we nurture future LGBTQ2S+ leaders, Maggie and her company live the change we want to see today.  We see this in her company's values, and in the way she leads by example in our community.  As an ally, Maggie enacted her FABULOUS network to come up with just endless dresses and bling for our campers at this year's camp – we even started calling her a ‘Drag Queen's Fairy Godmother’" – Jennifer Alabiso, iSMSS and Camp fYrefly

Moving forward with this partnership, I am hopeful for the future values of our wedding industry. I am delighted that this initiative will not only help to instigate inclusivity, but will also help foster and build confidence in our next generation.



Image Credits:

First Image - Buffy Goodman Photography

Bottom Images - Provided by Camp fYrefly


Edmonton Wedding Planner: Wedding Day Management

Are you newly engaged, scrolling through a vast array of wedding planner websites and not entirely sure where to begin?


Engagement season is upon us! So over the next couple of months,  I will attempt in my posts to break down a variety of different services offered by MB&COMPANY, giving detailed information of what each experience is like. Hopefully, this intel will make the transition into your fabulous, fiancé-clad life more seamless!

In this post, I will be highlighting my Wedding Day Management package! (Also referred to by other planners as “day-of” or “month-of.”)

Wedding Day Management is a great decision for couples that have opted to plan their own wedding. These couples put in a lot of time and effort into planning their own weddings, but why should they spend one of the most important days of their lives tied up on the phone with caterers and various other vendors? That is where Wedding Day Management comes in.  

Wedding Day Management with MB&COMPANY starts with:

Setting you and your fiancé up with an account in my planning software. You will receive remote access to it throughout the entire planning process to help guide you along the way. This software includes:

  • A checklist of tasks and the timeline they need to be completed in
  • Budget tracking
  • Vendor contact manager
  • Calendar with appointments and invoice deadlines
  • Guest list manager
  • Seating manager
  • Basic timeline notes
  • Invoice reminders
  • Décor and inspiration boards that are easily shareable and downloaded
  • Ability to create a basic wedding website

This access allows me to keep tabs on what you are up to during the planning process so that I am up to speed if you choose to email me with any specific questions during your planning process.


A month before the wedding:

I will sit down for a long meeting to familiarize myself with all of your plans. You and your fiancé will hand me off all of your contracts and I will review your details inside the software to make sure everything is organized and on its way.

Then, I make personal trips out to connect with each and every vendor involved in your day. In this time, I will be open to back and forth communication with you and your fiancé to line up the specifics. This ensures that everyone involved will be on the same page for your wedding.

Once the stars align with all parties involved, the real fun begins. We start creating the master production schedule for your day!

The week of:

It’s close to go time! Depending on the arrangement you’ve made with the person who is marrying you,  I may run the ceremony rehearsal or support the work of that person. Either way, I will have my emergency kit ready, send out your final documents, and will have all other necessary information I need on my clipboard. Now, we are ready for the big day!


The day of:

This is where all the work comes together! While you enjoy getting pampered and sipping your bubbly, I will be taking your vendor calls, answering concerns and picking up any of the last minute changes. This includes ensuring that the rooms are ready and set in accordance with your months (maybe even years) of planning so that we may welcome all your guests while you are freed up to enjoy every moment. Throughout the day, I will stay connected with you and your fiancé to ensure you are feeling blissed out and living your wedding dream.

With years of experience, having planned and executed over a hundred events, I am able to put out fires and make judgement calls that you may not have foreseen or have been able to make yourself. It’s important to have someone capable on your side on the most important of days so that you can relax and be open to all the good stuff.


If you are in need of support for your wedding day, get in touch for a free initial meeting where we can talk all about your plans!


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Let's Reminisce Photography


Things to think about when booking a caterer


Food is a major part of your big day! Whether you are deciding to stick with a cocktail style reception or having a full-seated dinner, food makes a big impact on your day.

Some venues have an in-house catering team or company and others will let you bring in either a select group of caterers or any caterer. Neither option guarantees that you will save money on your wedding.  When the catering company is in house, the rental fee for the venue is generally much lower but alcohol costs the same as at a restaurant. When you get to select the catering company, the venue more often than not will be much more expensive but you can purchase the alcohol yourself so the liquor comes down in price. If you are working on a tight budget, it is worth looking into how these costs affect your plans and budget based on the venues and caterers you are looking at.

If you are in the position to hire a caterer there are a number of questions you should ask the first time you meet to be sure expectations and costs are clearly laid out in advance of signing a contract. Below is a list of questions to ask your potential caterer.

  1. What type of serving do you do? Some caterers will only serve family style; others offer a number of options (buffet, white glove etc). Be sure to ask for a rough estimate for the cost of each serving style, as the number of servers required will change for each. (Pst! I always suggest family style to my clients unless the wedding is very formal.)
  2. What is your dress code for your serving staff? May seem like a silly question but having a formal wedding with servers in jeans does not fit.
  3. Do you offer tastings? Some catering companies do and others absolutely will not. If food is really important to you, I would definitely suggest you have a tasting – especially if you have never had the caterer’s food.
  4. How do you handle food sensitivities? We live in a time where weddings come with a long list of dietary requirements. Unless you know for sure this isn’t you, this is an important question to ask to be sure that all your guests can eat and enjoy your day.
  5. Do you offer bartending services? If so, what is included and not included in your bartending services? Some caterers will simply put a person behind the bar, others are happy to pick up ice and all your mixes in advance, others it is all included in the fees and you don’t need to think twice about it. These are important because this may put you in a position where you need to do a number of errands leading up to the wedding or have to hire additional vendors.
  6. Do you support set-up? This will change pending on the caterers relationship with the venue as well as your overall wedding design plan. No matter the situation, it is good to know this in advance as you may need to hire a vendor or bring on family and friends to help.
  7. Do you take care of clearing glasses/dishes after the dinner? At venues where the caterer is not included in the venue many caterers base fee does not include them helping clear dishes or glasses after dinner. This means when someone puts a cup down during the dance, it will not be taken away until teardown. A number of caterers are happy to add this service on but it is not included in the base fee. 
  8. What are additional costs associated with catering? Many catering companies are happy to lend additional support for your day but it is important you know in advance how much these add on’s can cost because they can add up quickly. If they can provide you a price list, that will give you a lot of trust.
  9. Is gratuity included in your quote? Again, you don’t want an additional 18% added to your bill without expecting it.

Overall, the caterer takes on one of the biggest roles in your day and it is also the vendor that has the most varied expectations. In order to have a successful and enjoyable lead up as well as wedding day, it is important to have expectations clearly laid out in advance of the wedding, so be sure to communicate everything you expect from a caterer.

Want to know more?

Concerned about catering or any other vendor on your wedding team? Feel free to suggest another blog post about questions to ask a type of vendor – or book a consultation to get some answers about specific Edmonton vendors. Just get in touch! 


One Piece of Wedding Advice


I am often asked, if I could give couples one piece of advice, what would it be?

This is a difficult question to narrow down an answer for. The logistical planner in me wants to address the schedule on the day of the wedding. The caring planner in me wants to talk about how to craft the most genuine day. That being said, there lies an answer in the centre of that venn diagram that I believe is pivotal to any couple whose wedding I oversee.

There is one little moment on your wedding day that is very special and important. That moment right after you make it to the end of the aisle after the ceremony. This, of course, takes place before all the family photos and the reception and all that beautiful madness. This is the moment where you get to take a breath and look at each other and say, “We did it! We’re married!”

 It’s important to take the time you need to really enjoy this little moment, because it’s actually one of the biggest moments of your life, which you are now choosing to spend together. Find a small quiet room, go outside, find a place for just the two of you. Take that moment to breath it in together and really enjoy it.

The best part of the wedding is enjoying the fact that you’re now married to the one you love!



Wedding Correspondence Timeline

The timing of wedding stationery is a common dilemma that pops up when considering your big day. Every planner will suggest something slightly different. I am an advocate for getting organized well ahead of time. My own day planner can fill up months in advance, so I am cognizant of that when considering the schedules of those attending your wedding. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make!

Save the Date

I love Save the Dates! They are a great way of securing the date with your closest friends and family without having to spill all the beans.

My recommendation is to send these as soon as you have solidified the date and location. This will give guests (namely those busy bees in your life) plenty of advance notice to book it off in their calendar. It also gives your friends and relatives abroad the chance to monitor flights and catch those sporadic seat sales!



I recommend sending invitations out five to six months in advance. For two reasons:

  1. This gives you an opportunity to invite additional guests if other's are unable to attend.

  2. This also ensures you can give an RSVP deadline that is long before your catering deadline to avoid having to chase guests in the final moments.

Thank You Cards

The sooner, the better! Sending thank you cards closer to the wedding not only means more to your guests, but the gratitude will likely be more authentic when the memory is fresh. That being said, don’t let the stress of completing these take away from enjoying your honeymoon or your first days together as a married couple. I’d say, at the very latest, you should aim to send them out within three months of your wedding.

As a planner and a guest of many weddings, these are my recommendations, I hope that they help! Please don’t hesitate to say hello if you have any further questions about stationery.



Stationary Design:



Freemark Photography

Kristin Zabos

Lucier Photography

Triangle H Photography


Behind the Scenes of Refinery Parties at the AGA


I have the sincere pleasure of planning the Art Gallery of Alberta’s signature events as part of my annual line-up of projects. These events include the well-known late night art parties, Refinery.

I get to spend the six months of planning working alongside Meaghan Froh, who is on the Art Gallery of Alberta’s curatorial team. She’s a dream, a joy and has a similar workflow and work ethic as I do. Working with her is the BEST!

With mere days until the next Refinery, I am in the middle of ticket give away emails, confirming vendors, reviewing the floor plans for anything missed, putting together phone lists and recruiting volunteers.

I thought this may be a fun time to give an inside peak into how these notorious parties come together. As I was putting together this journal entry, I couldn’t help but laugh at how clean and lined up everything looks typed out. As most events go, there is always a planning schedule but things don’t always happen that neatly.



Five to Six Months Out

The planning process begins six to five months out of the event where the theme will begin to be developed. In some cases, Meaghan spends time researching and brainstorming themes that relate to current exhibitions, or the curatorial team, or an exhibition curator will put forward a theme she is excited about. This part of the process can change depending on the Refinery – it can also take a number of weeks of back and forth before we land on a theme that we think is a good fit.

Four Months Out

Once the theme is confirmed and the accompanying graphics have been created, we are off to planning the night! Meaghan and I work on gathering a list of artists whose artistic practices align with the theme, meet with them and get an idea of what they would be interested in presenting at Refinery in relationship to the theme. This right here is my favourite part of the process! Working with the selected artists to create an evening that celebrates their work and the overall theme.

In this time, we also do marketing timelines and planning any creative marketing initiatives.


Three Months Out

Three months out is when we really start to pick up steam!

During this time we confirm the details of the artists’ projects and begin promoting their plans. Once the projects are decided, we begin working on the floorplan to make it all fit! This part usually involves walking around the different floors a number of times, taping project footprints out and getting a feel for the flow of the night.

In this time we are also connecting with Edmonton’s local vendors to bring in rentals, lighting, sound and any other suppliers we need.  Working with the Art Gallery of Alberta’s in-house catering team, we develop a menu that we feel connects with the theme of the night.

Two Months Out

Two months out to the event, it becomes real and tickets go on sale!

We spend most of this time meeting with any of the AGA’s internal stakeholders to confirm the details of the night and how it affects their area of responsibility. These involve meetings with the security and exhibitions team as well as work with the guest services team.

We continue to work directly with artists on the logistics of their projects and promoting them through a variety of ways.

And of course, the edits to the floor plans continues!

One Month Out

Crunch time! Finalize, finalize, finalize! No more planning, dreaming or aspiring – this time is spent finalizing the details and confirming the plans.

You will find Meaghan and I will be slow on all other emails during this time as Refinery starts to take major priority in our work loads. The big tasks for this time are final ticket sales pushes, booking volunteers and staff for the night of, delivering the copy for signage to the designer, weekly production meetings with the entire team, confirming the detailed schedule.

Then… its go time! 

Want more information about the next Refinery? Visit the AGA's Refinery website!


Image Credits:

OMM Photography

Mat Simpson Photography Co


An Open Letter to the Wedding Industry


I have been working on this post for many weeks and the truth is, I was and am very nervous about publishing it. The wedding industry is an industry I am both deeply thankful for and truly conflicted to be a part of. Yet, how can I expect my clients to be honest and forth coming with me if I shy away from the issues that not only inspire me, but also incite frustration and a call to action to add my voice to the conversation.

Dear Wedding Industry,  

You have to stop with the Bride centric, name changing, traditional approach.

I am always scrolling through wedding vendors’ websites from across the world to increase my awareness of awesome authentic vendors; keep up with trends; and learn how to keep my business competitive. And while I truly find this content useful I also find it heart breaking and hard to read through. I considered linking to some sites in this post and I think that is unfair to those businesses – and frankly unnecessary because I have no doubt you’ve seen this firsthand. . Hard working, well-meaning professional people who care a lot about the couples they work with run these businesses. And public defamation isn’t my style.

Running a business who publicly – through social media, website, and advertising – address only brides is unacceptable, and bad for your business. By only providing room for the bride’s name on your contact sheet, or steering your website wording to a bride you are making a variety of assumptions about your prospective client. You are assuming your clients are straight; cisgendered; heterosexual; and that the bride is the primary planner in the couple. This is ignorant and outdated - and I’m exhausted with these antiquated ideals.

A number of years ago, when MB&COMPANY was just starting off, I went to a wedding show with my sister-in-law. Once we bought our tickets she received a confirmation note in the mail, which assumed she was taking my brother’s last name. The wedding show lost my support before I even showed up - regardless of her plan to take his name or not (she did - and all the power to her), I couldn’t let go of the presumption made on their part. A few weeks later I met with a florist with a couple who’s wedding I was planning and the florist told the couple that all that matters is that the bride is happy. This small statement made the groom’s input invalid. It wasn’t funny or cute - it’s disrespectful, and unacceptable.

These two incidents (and countless others) have launched me into a commitment of striving to make my company as inclusive, supportive and open as possible. This is an ongoing work in progress, a constant education that is driven forward with every new client I connect with. I challenge my colleagues – both planners and other vendors – to remember that not every couple fits the mold that the wedding industry is built on. Let’s break the mold, let’s support couples of all kinds, and let’s replace outdated traditional expectation with an appreciation for true modern love.

With love & constant confliction, XO!

Maggie Barton Baird

Image Credits:

Buffy Goodman Photography




Alternative Wedding Wear


This morning, I was on CBC’s Edmonton AM talking about ‘the wedding jumpsuit’ with Mark Connoly and Tyrell Abbott. This all came about after Solange Knowles wore a jumpsuit as one of her many wedding day looks (She looked AMAZING! All day! Google it, seriously). As I mentioned in the show, I had previously had the pleasure to play a small part in a styled shoot by Buffy Goodman Photography where we explored alternative wedding wear and diversity in wedding media.

This topic of alternative wear has been on my mind for many years and continues to be as trends change and Queen Victoria’s trend setting look moves into the distance. We are seeing brides choosing outfits that make them feel comfortable, beautiful and could have potential post-wedding wear.  Any of my past clients can tell you that I am a huge advocate for participating in traditions that you are excited about and that feel like an authentic representation of you as a couple. This includes what you choose to wear on your special day!


Looking to move away from the overly traditional bridal look? Whether you are looking to make a subtle or big leap from the traditional wedding day garb, here are some suggestions of where to look.

Local Fashion Designers

SWISH Vintage

Blogger Armoire Consignment

Delica Bridal



Buying a previously worn dress can be a great and affordable option, but make sure to check the dress for any stains, holes, pulls or marks before you finalize the purchase. Also be very wary if the dress doesn’t fit perfectly as alterations can add unforeseen costs to the total price.

What’s most important on your wedding day is that you feel fabulous in whatever you choose to wear, no matter what it ends up being or where you find it!

In this interview I also mentioned couples not getting married legally. If that interests you, check out a previous post about your options when it comes to having someone you love marry you. 


'But I Don’t Want to Have a Stranger Marry Us…'



Styled Shoot Credits:

Photography & Master Mind – Buffy Goodman Photography

Styling – Moirae Choquette, Lina Janzen and Maggie Barton Baird (MB&COMPANY)

Florals – Fabloomosity

Hair Stylist – Dollhouse Hair, Christina Yun  

Make-Up Artist – Astrid Woodard

Attire – Simons, Lucid Lifestyle, Rowena Clothing, Noul, Rescue Flats

This post is not an advertisement, none of the vendors included in this post paid for any form of advertising. This is solely based off my experience and recommendation.


Dinner Television Catch-Up


It feels like ages since my last blog post!

I apologize as I would’ve liked to post sooner, but this year has started off with a real bang.  After meetings with new clients and others in the throes of full planning for their upcoming celebrations, I’ve had to prioritize and put my energy where it is most needed - my clients come first.

I so enjoy the in person, event planning work that this life affords me. Working closely with couples and vendors, and seeing the day come together is what I love most - it's what I thrive on. The ‘business’ side has proven a constant learning curve and adventure, but it has given back more returns than I could have anticipated. As an independent business owner and operator, I am constantly learning and leaving myself open to new opportunities and ways to grow.

One of these endeavours was an appearance I recently made on Dinner Television. I was grateful to have my dear friend, Marielle TerHart along with me to snaps some shots during the taping where I spoke with Bridget Ryan about upcoming wedding trends.

The evening was so much fun! I have known Bridget for many years, so it was a joy to reconnect and talk about the wedding industry. We spoke about many of the trends I mentioned in my a previous post.  I had a blast doing the segments, but my most favourite part about talking live with Bridget was being able to highlight some of Edmonton’s finest vendors and their work.


For the segments, Cory Christopher provided a luscious green bouquet and centrepiece, which lasted for over a week after the taping (thanks for letting me keep them, Cory!). NEAT Rentals set up a boho chic lounge space as a backdrop for my chat with Bridget. Delica Bridal provided us with three gowns from Truvelle (their dresses are STUNNING!). And of course, the Art Gallery of Alberta provided the ultimate venue for the filming.


Want to check out some clips from the show? Head over to MB&COMPANY's twitter for clips! 

Image Credit:

Marielle TerHart