Darren & Rachel 

"I feel incredibly lucky to have had Maggie as our fearless wedding leader and would wish every couple to be so lucky. In this small statement I cannot possibly sum up the extent of my gratitude and deep appreciation for Maggie and all that she did during our whole wedding experience. Maggie has a talent and passion for wedding planning that is beautiful and heartwarming to witness. She is professional, friendly, efficient, confident, organized and dedicated. Her personal investment and caring were without doubt an integral ingredient to how free, fun and easeful our wedding was for us. Maggie executed our wedding and all the details far better than I could ever have ever imagined possible. She has a unique gift for easing stress, taking leadership and fulfilling one's stated or unstated desires! I have heard the phrase “I couldn’t have done it without you” before and have probably used it once or twice, but it was only on our wedding day that I fully understood the true weighty meaning of this phrase and felt it deeply to be true." - Rachel

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